Tech FAQ's


Contact Mr. Kurz for help

Activate your Zoom Pro License
-all instructors have immediate access to the Zoom Pro license. Go here to activate it.

Use Blackboard on your phone
-I recommend using the website, not the app.>> Blackboard >>sign-in with third party account

Change your ISU password
Basic password change:

  1. go to password change page ( and login
  2. change your password
  3. you can stop here if you wish, though you will still have to use your old password to login to windows.

Second part (this is where you normally connect to a wire in order to update your windows password):

  1. connect to cisco vpn so that you are on the ISU network. Directions for downloading and installing the vpn are below.
  2. on your keyboard, hold down the ctrl-alt-del keys at the same time and a blue screen should pop up.
  3. choose “change password”
  4. type in your old password
  5. type in your  new password
  6. done

VPN: download & install

  • download the vpn client and open/install it from here
  • find the vpn icon in the bottom right corner of your desktop and click it. Or, you can start it by going to your programs and finding the “cisco client”.
  • if it’s not already there, enter VPN01.ILSTU.EDU in the “ready to connect box”.
  • follow the prompts to login to ISU.

Student laptop fixes


Enable microphone on N24 laptops
-right-click the speaker icon in the bottom right corner of the screen
-click on “sounds”
-click the “recording” tab
-select the first (or only) microphone
-select “properties”
-next to “device usage” select “Use this device (enable)”

Flipgrid: loss of audio
-restart computer, try again
-disconnect/reconnect external headphones (if using)

Autocad: installation
-follow Mr. Dearing’s instructions to login to Autodesk and begin the download process-when the pop-up asks for administrator credentials, stop.
-email Mr. Kurz at
-Mr. Kurz will send you instructions for completing the process.

Adobe Photoshop: installation
-go to and click on “Adobe Cloud” at the top
-click “sign in” and enter your email address and “continue”
-click on “Company or School Account”
-login to ISU with your ulid and password
-under “creative cloud” click “open”
-locate “photoshop” and select “get desktop app”
-in the top, right click “download”
-“permission may be required”…click “ok”
-a file will download to the lower left. Do NOT click on it yet.
-email Mr. Kurz at
-he will respond with a remote help session invitation to connect to.