Tech FAQ's


Contact Mr. Kurz for help

Activate your Zoom Pro License
-all instructors have immediate access to the Zoom Pro license. Go here to activate it.

Use Blackboard on your phone
-I recommend using the website, not the app.>> Blackboard >>sign-in with third party account

Get help with passwords
-Your password for gsuite, office365 and Blackboard is your regular ISU password. If you are unable to login to any of these programs try resetting your password for ISU.
-if you are unsuccessful, contact Mr. Kurz for help.

Use VPN to connect to my M or U drives.
download the vpn client and open/install it
-find the vpn icon in the bottom right corner of your desktop and click it.
-if it’s not already there, enter VPN01.ILSTU.EDU in the “ready to connect box”.
-follow the prompts to login to ISU.
-map your M drive or U drive.
*note that you have to always connect first to vpn in order to reconnect to these drives in the future.

Student laptop fixes


Enable microphone on N24 laptops
-right-click the speaker icon in the bottom right corner of the screen
-click on “sounds”
-click the “recording” tab
-select the first (or only) microphone
-select “properties”
-next to “device usage” select “Use this device (enable)”

Flipgrid: loss of audio
-restart computer, try again
-disconnect/reconnect external headphones (if using)

Autocad: installation
-follow Mr. Dearing’s instructions to login to Autodesk and begin the download process-when the pop-up asks for administrator credentials, stop.
-email Mr. Kurz at
-Mr. Kurz will send you instructions for completing the process.

Adobe Photoshop: installation
-go to and click on “Adobe Cloud” at the top
-click “sign in” and enter your email address and “continue”
-click on “Company or School Account”
-login to ISU with your ulid and password
-under “creative cloud” click “open”
-locate “photoshop” and select “get desktop app”
-in the top, right click “download”
-“permission may be required”…click “ok”
-a file will download to the lower left. Do NOT click on it yet.
-email Mr. Kurz at
-he will respond with a remote help session invitation to connect to.